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Pre-season training camps - failing to prepare is preparing to fail

How are your pre-season training camps plans coming along?

There’s a famous saying that everyone has the will to win, but not everyone has the will to prepare. It couldn’t ring truer than for football clubs, where pre-season training is a key element of the blueprint for success. That’s why finding the right pre-season training camp package is a very important job, and not one where you want to cut corners. Handing over the task to the experts from Hoteligent will save you many hours stuck behind a screen researching hotels, and also means you benefit from our years of expertise. Here’s why the Hoteligent approach makes all the difference.

We actually go and visit the hotels

Clever photography and marketing mean that a hotel and training area can look very different online than it does when you actually visit it in real life. We send experienced staff out to visit the hotels before they are selected for pre-season training camps, so that you can be assured Hoteligent has had ‘boots on the ground’ and actually seen everything with our own eyes. That also means we have built a working relationship with sales and incentives staff at each hotel we work with.

The Hoteligent multi-point checklist

Our checklist includes things like a physio room, kit room and nutritious catering served privately away from other guests. If the hotels don’t tick all our boxes, they don’t make it onto the list! There’s no point in sending teams to a beautiful, well-appointed hotel with incredible food and fitness facilities if the training pitches look like a squadron of moles have been using them as their home for a month. Many of the hotels we partner with have FIFA standard pitches on site and ready to use. We even test to ensure the little details like fast, reliable Wi-Fi coverage is in place so that everyone is happy for the duration of their stay.

Hoteligent doesn’t just have a network of contacts and expertise in one country. We have extensive experience arranging pre-season training camps in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Portugal. That means there is a wide range of options for both home and visiting international teams when they want to take advantage of the warmer, sunnier weather on the continent for pre-season training.

We’ll take care of the whole package

Allow Hoteligent to provide you with an end-to-end training camp package. We will research and book all the flights and transfers needed, taking into consideration budget, timings and the locations of those attending the camp. We use our tried and tested network to arrange fixtures with local teams for those all-important pre-season friendlies - after all, there’s no better way to build match fitness!

By handing over the nuts and bolts of pre-season training camp planning to Hoteligent you’ll be putting an important part of your season into the hands of experts. It will free up valuable support staff time and ensure there are no nasty surprises waiting at the hotel when the team touches down.

Drop our Travel Manager Robert a line to find out more:

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